Iunctus Armis ad Victoriam - United Arms in Victory   

Team play at it's best. 

Combat and Security Operations

We will provide you with dedicated fighter escorts and combat proven security contractors from start to finish. Your safety and cargo security is our priority.

What do you need? We have everything from a flight of single seat light fighters for short range CSP to an Expeditionary Mission Package with an Idris, heavy fighters, EW/EWAR and a C&C Carrack.

The Special Operations Group has the crews, ships, and support you need to go the distance and back.

Expeditionary Logistics 

Our Expeditionary Logistics capability means we can reach you with the supplies you need when you need them.

Broken down, injured, or out of fuel? Call on our emergency response team, and we will respond with a Crucible, Emergency Medical team and fuel to get you going again. 

Hot intercept? No problem, we'll just bring an Idris with us to negotiate.

The Industrial team is ready for any challenge. No matter if mining critical minerals or salvaging a derelict ship. We have the right tools and the right skills to get the job done. 

Studies and Observations

The Studies and Observation unit is much more then our exploration arm, as their missions cover navigation, reconnaissance, research, signals, and intelligence gathering utilizing a variety of mission-specific platforms both large and small.

These experienced pilots and crews are extremely dedicated, and highly trained. 

Mission Statement: Explore the farthest reaches of space for Knowledge, Trade, and Opportunities to expand the human race. 


Do you have a job that needs to be done: Contract Requests

Organizations Interested in joining the Special Operations Group: SOG Membership Requests

Member benefits: TeamSpeak3 Locked channels • Private Forums room • Discord locked Text and Voice • Website w/your branding 

Communication services working from a private TeamSpeak3 server and Discord allows for extremely flexible communications.

TS3 Server Link

  • Open Embassy Courtyard. 
  • Locked member channels.
  • 512 slot moderated server.

Need help setting up? Go to COMMS Guide for a "how-to" maximize your TeamSpeak3 setup. 


Discord Server Link

  • Open General Text channel
  • Open Quarterdeck Voice
  • Locked member Text Channels
  • Locked Member Voice

All Members and affiliates of JΛvelin and the Special Operations Group (SOG) will work together with the leadership staff to provide all with a cohesive, fun and SAFE environment of gaming (SAFE = free from bigotry, sexism, and harassment). No exceptions. 

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